Friday, June 20, 2008

Take Your Dog to Work Day!

Today was National Take Your Dog to Work Day, so Ingrid took me to her job. It's funny, because when I have a job, I have to carry something around or look for something, but Ingrid doesn't have to carry anything around. Here I am helping her to answer some emails.

We didn't stay long, but as luck would have it, the FDNY showed up to do their annual inspection! I had my picture taken with them, cause they made a big fuss over me and seemed to really like me. Anyway they kept saying my name, "Ton-EEEE!" Like that.

All in all I'd say Take Your Dog to Work Day was a big success! I sure had a good time, got lots of treats, lots of attention and affection from lots of people, I like work!

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VNess said...

Tony, you're one lucky dog! The place where the lady who feeds us works has a sticker on the door that says "No pets allowed in this building" and they didn't take it of on Friday. Sometimes she sneaks us in anyway, but it's always when no other people are around, so there's no fuss and no treats. We give it two big dew-claws down!!!

Ede and Atze in Ann Arbor, MI