Sunday, April 26, 2009

I get treats and love where ever I go!

It's good to be Tony. Just yesterday I was out with Ingrid to the art supply store and on the way back, we passed a table where this fine bitch was giving out free food! It was love at first sight for her, Tony has that effect on the ladies, you know, and I got my fill of free treats! Here I am sitting, they seem to really like when I do that.

The after I got the treat, I gave her a kiss (with tongue!) as a thank you.

Not bad, huh? Like I sez, it's good to be Tony.

Monday, April 13, 2009

I'm riding the rails!

Yo, Ingrid and I went for a long walk today. From our house at 24th and 10th Avenue to 60th Street and 1st Avenue. I was wearing my doggie backpack with water bottles inside, even though I wasn't all that thirsty the whole trip. On the way back, we took the subway, the E train to be exact. I kept wanting to get off everytime they opened the doors, but we had to stay on till we got to 23rd Street. Then we got off and walked home. I'm pooped!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Tartan Day Parade!

Went to the Tartan Day Parade today with Ingrid. I was wearing the Oban tartan as a little scarf and of course I was a big hit, especially with the ladies, as you can see here.

Here's me chasing some horses up the street. Git, horses!

This whole family came over to say hi to me, they said they have someone just like me at home! I doubt that. There's no one like me!

We saw a whole group of Westies and Scotties who were actually IN the parade. Ingrid says next year maybe we will be too!