Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Don't do this!

WTF? Everyone knows that you don't leave your dog tied up outside a store or restaurant. Ingrid takes me into stores where I'm welcome (and if they say that I'm not allowed, we don't go there again) and in fact just had me with her in the Rite Aid store mentioned in this flyer! They allow dogs! Take your dogs inside with you or leave us at home! Who knows where this little cutie is now. Poor thing.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I'm looking good!

Me Me Me!

Free Carrots!

Picture by Jimmy

So on Saturday we go over to Union Square with our friends Jimmy (human)and Hero (dog). No sooner do we walk in when I see this big tub of carrot and potato skins. Some guy with a funny accent was selling something to peel vegetables with and throwing out the skins, can you imagine! They were all collecting into this bit tub, free for the taking! So I helped myself, and everyone standing around seemed to think it was funny. Let them laugh, I love carrots and I got my fill!