Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Why couldn't this have been me?

Not the one getting pissed on, mind you, the one doing the pissing. I'm not big on those "Hollywood types", I've peed on better shrubs, you know? This looks like my bro Jimmy with Willow in the background behind the "movie star." Us BTs would pee on a red carpet if we were in the mood. Isn't it great that someone was there to take a picture?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

I'm Three, Bitches!

As you can see, today is my third birthday. I did get some kind of cake*, and a toy to tear apart. Then Tyler got me a pork bone from the pet store, but I didn't care for it.

Here's how to make the cake, in case your dog wants one for its birthday. It's easy!

*Tony's Birthday Cake Recipe
Start with a small Tupperware container the size you want your cake to be. Gather your doggie's favorite foods. We use Stonyfield Nonfat Plain Yogurt, mashed up apples, chicken breast, white rice, dog food, whatever your dog enjoys that has a mushy texture. Rice really holds the other layers together, so use either white or brown.

Layer the yogurt first, then follow with the other foods in layers, tamping them gently as you go. Not too hard or you'll squish them through the yogurt and then you won't have proper layers! Put the lid on the container and turn upside-down. Leave in the refrigerator at least overnight, a bit longer if you can.

When doggie's big day arrives, take off the lid, and place the container face down on a plate and tap gently to remove the "cake." It should slide right out and maintain its shape.

Optional: Baby carrots make perfect "candles!"


Friday, April 11, 2008

How could this happen?!

Tony Sez:
Have you read this crazy story? I know if I was in a roomful of other Border Terriers, Ingrid would be able to pick me out. I'm just that unique!

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I can't wait. Ingrid made some kind of "cake" and I'm getting a new toy (I heard them talking). I just hope they don't dress me up in anything ...