Monday, October 09, 2006

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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Toast, a la Tony

Our friend Carla sent us some toys last week. She has two dogs and thought she had found something that would last me awhile. Think again, Carla!

This is how I play with toys, see? I like to tug 'em and pull 'em, and then sometimes when I'm just getting off on how strong I am, I just roll around in a kind of toy-ripping ecstasy.

It doesn't matter how the toys start out, twenty minutes later, they're toast.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

So Thursday was not a good day for me.

First, some snotty little Boston Terrier started up with me in the dog run. I don't start anything with anybody, and I normally like Bostons ( I have a thing for those extra folds of skin around the lips, don't ask me why!). But he came in with his owner all huffy to begin with (they're not even from this neighborhood) and then had the nerve to start something. My walker, Lital, stepped in and separated us and I guess she thought that would be the end of it, well, no way. I went right back to the little flatface and showed him what was what. Wanna be starting something? Take it to the east side. Like I said, I don't start a thing, but I'll finish it.

Later that day my human, Ingrid, and I went out to sit on the stoop out front. She had a book and we were just sitting in the sun on 23rd Street minding our own business, when a human, about the size and shape of Ingrid, came along with two big pit bulls. They were pulling her all over the street so of course I wanted to say hi, I mean, this is my block, man. I gotta greet, that's what I do.

So anyway, we're mid sniff and this big black pit must've gotten a whiff of the kick-ass earlier in the day and went for me. He had me down on the ground and was shaking me and throwing me onto the sidewalk. His human had no control and was trying to pull him off, but then my leash got tangled with his and it felt like she was about to twist my head off. Ingrid was really upset, I mean, she left her cane behind where we were sitting and came out to try to help, but just ended up crying and screaming for the other human to pull the pit off me. That's all I wanted, too, at that point.

It was quite the commotion, with people coming from across the street and all up and down the block to help or watch or whatever. Finally some big strong guy came and plucked me away from the pit. I wasn't bleeding anywhere and didn't feel hurt, and everyone was making a fuss over me. I went over to try and score some cute points with the other human, just to show the black pit that I could. She ended up petting and sending some loving Tony's way, oh yeah, and I lorded it over that pit bull.

Like I said, I don't start a thing, but I will finish it!