Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Again with the What not to do

Every morning, there's this little doggie sitting outside of the local coffee place on our block. He's not wearing a leash and he's not tied up. People like to stop and say, "oh look how cute," but it's not really all that cute. Don't they realize that anyone could come up and walk away with that dog? It's bad enough when people leave dogs tied up outside stores and restaurants, but hey, at least they are tied up! This one's just roaming free! While I might envy his freedom just a bit, I'll take safety any day. Tony Sez: keep your dog on a leash! We might pull and tug but we secretly thank you for it!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Hot Spots!

Ingrid was poking around where she shouldn't have been and found out why I'm frequently licking my belly. There's a couple of hot spots down there, and they itch and burn! So off we went to the vet's. We got right in without an appointment, cause that's the kind of treatment I get where ever I go, plus all the ladies at the front desk there love me.
Some dogs hate going to the doc, but me, I enjoy a good vet visit.

They keep lots of Lamb Lung there, and that's my favorite treat! I'll do just about anything for some lamb lung (even get a thermometer up my butt!)There was one dog that had to have a muzzle before being examined. How's he supposed to get his treats with a muzzle on?
Any way, I got some antibiotic cream for my spots. I also have to wear this stupid cone thing around my neck which I hate, but without it I have to admit, I'd be lick lick licking those spots. At least I was able to convince Ingrid not to post a picture of me with it, though I know I look really cute, cause I've been getting treats like crazy!Why not? I'm Tony!

Saturday, June 06, 2009

What not to do

I love it when some hipster doofus comes to the dog park with his breakfast, then throws a hissy fit when the dogs won't leave him alone.