Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm a Canine Good Citizen!

Ingrid and Tyler took me to an event today. Our taxi had A/C but it was still awful hot! There were two pools filled with water there and the first thing I did was jump in and lay right down to cool off. Some guy thought it was cute and took a bunch of pictures for The Daily News.

There were a couple tables with doggie treats on them, and we stopped by ALL of them. Then it was time for the test! I passed with flying colors! I had to walk with Ingrid, sit and lay down (they said it was the best "down" they had seen all day, of course!)and then stand with the lady while Ingrid left the area. Here's the picture just after the award ceremony. Ok there was no award ceremony, but there should have been!

After that, I got a pedicure.

Then we messed around with a some of the agility equipment.

Ingrid and Tyler said I was a natural. Who doesn't know that?

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