Sunday, August 02, 2009

Lions and junkyard dogs!

Ingrid and I went out for a while this afternoon, as soon as it stopped raining. Thought we'd have the park to ourselves but lots of people there. Some guy brought in two schnauzers and that's when Ingrid decided we better get out of there. (I don't get on too well with some Schnauzers.)
So we went for a walkabout and I got my picture snapped with this big golden lion outside a strip club. They should have statues of me outside there instead, even though I'm not sure I would want to join a strip club, as I'm not too fond of being stripped.

Then on the way home, we walked by an auto shop with a real junkyard dog inside! At first we heard him growling and barking inside the gates, then all of a sudden, Ingrid spotted his head sticking out a hole!

We high-tailed it outta there before he managed to squeeze his whole body through that hole. Yikes!

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