Saturday, January 31, 2009

Myers of Keswick

Today Ingrid took me on a longish walk and we stopped in a store for her to buy some tea. It was a store with all kinds of English things and some (Scottish too!) and the people in the store sure did make over me. They all knew right away that I was a Border Terrier (isn't it obvious?) and they all asked my name. Ingrid picked me up cause there was a sign on the door that said "No dogs allowed" I guess cause there's a cat roaming around in there. Who cares about a cat when I'm the center of attention?!
Then we stopped in a pet store and I chose a toy from a basket, which Ingrid then HAD to buy for me cause she said I "slobbered" all over it. I just had it in my mouth a minute, jeez! Anyway, we stopped at the door of the English place and she took my picture with the toy, which I then proceeded to carry home in my mouth to the entertainment of everyone we passed. Can I help it if I'm a star?

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